Alternative Futures aims to reimagine our future, amplifying and applying the solutions already created by the global majority, with a focus on decolonising our thinking in a positive and optimistic way, reaching out to three specific audiences: Gen X, Gen Y and Gen Z.

To create a logo that reflects all the decolonial diversity of solutions that exist on the planet, we were inspired by the essential element to write any name: the letters of different writing systems from across the globe.

Analyzing different writing systems, we created two alphabets with custom characters that can be recognized by different people around the world, expanding the potential to create a sense of belonging by using our bold custom type as protagonist, while creating a flexible system that uses different colors, illustrations and images depending on the context.

Creative Direction: Marcos Oliveira
Project Management: Marcos Oliveira
Copy: Manuella Graff
Art Direction: Marcos Oliveira
Design: Marcos Oliveira, Julia Telles, Ana Porazzi, Uinne Régia
Video: Berro Motion
Illustration: Asdrubal Fabris
Logo Refinement: Sauê Ferlauto